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Established in the Republic of Lebanon in 1995, Obeid For Pumps Establishment (OFP)  is a well known establishment and classified Class A establishment at the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), Ministry of Public Works (MPW), and Concil of Development and Reconstruction (CDR).

OFP provides the following services:

  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Water works
  • Civil works for water stations
  • Drilling and equipping wells
  • Electromechanical works
  • Assembling Generators
  • Assembling pumps
  • Assembling electrical panels and control panels
  • Water treatment and water disinfection
  • Managing, running and maintaining waste water treatment systems

Our experts’ main concern has always been the satisfaction of our clients and meeting their utmost expectations. Our experience in the local market, technical expertise, and various dimensions of buildings designs serve our clients’ demands and their business approach in order to generate cost-effective, functional, and inspiring solutions.

Our continuous collaboration with numerous skilled engineers and sharing knowledge, and the passion for a sustainable built environment through our network of offices lead our Building Engineering Office at OFP to create designs that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. Thus, we encourage the culture of training of employees so that they stay up to date in their field of expertise as well as develop their skills.

OFP delivers program and construction management services to clients around the world starting from project concept to completion and commissioning. Our positive reinforcement safety culture, wealth of experience in delivering major mining and infrastructure projects, profound knowledge of the steel industry, electrical panels and international commerce, experienced teams, integrated project management systems, and flexibility to develop tailored solutions combine together to generate valid unique solutions to our customers based upon their approaches.

OFP is dedicated to operate within the legal requirements, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements and its quality policy, as well as to conducting continual improvements to its quality management system.

Mr. Mohammed Obeid, General Manager
General Manager - Owner
Mr. Mohammad Obeid


We in Lebanon, established Obeid For Pumps (OFP) in 1995.  OFP  is a Lebanese establishment that works in infrastructures, contracting and construction of buildings. In a very short time, OFP ended up , and still is working in water works, civil works for water stations, drilling and equipping wells, electromechanical works, assembling generators, assembling pumps, assembling electrical panels and control panels, water treatment and water disinfection, and managing, running and maintaining waste water treatment systems for different parts of Lebanon. In 2021 OFP started working in solar energy systems because of the high demand that happened in the financial crisis period after 2019. Throughout that time, and because of our high quality services,  we gained the trust of various clients from the public sector and the private sector and international organizations. Such a big trust in our work, allowed us to gain the ISO 9001:2008  and ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


OFP is also a swiftly growing establishment in the the Middle East region.


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Dubai Branch

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