Geologists Team

This team tasks include giving a complete and a very comprehensive study about the soil layers. Also, this team can determine the depth of the underground water on a selected piece of land.

Obeid For Pumps provides his customers with complete and accurate reports on the underground layers.


Our skillful staff at Obeid For Pumps can work on pile drilling machines that can dig up to a depth of 100m and diameter range from 250mm up to 1500mm



Drilling Water Wells

We can drill water wells using the following methods.



Drilling by a rotary drilling machine

We use the very powerful Ingersoll Rand drilling machines that can operate as listed below to the depth of 1200m.

Drilling  goes at nominal diameter from 10.00" to 30.00"


Casing Water Wells

The primary and the final casing of the water wells go from 8" up to 30".

The thickness of casing pipe can go from 4mm up to 16mm.

The material used in the casing process is black steel and stainless steel and API 5L Grade B ...etc.



Verticallity and Alignment Tests

We can carry out verticallity and alignment tests up to 1200m.

The following picture is the verticallity test. The picture shows a metallic wire where a pendulum is suspended from to find whether the well is perfectly vertical. This also helps us find and determine the deviation of the path of the well from the vertical normal of the earth.

verticality test







Well Inspection

We also do inspection on the contents of the well such as the pipe welding and whether anything wrong fell in the well that might pollute the well. The picture below shows one of our cameras which is used in the inspection of a well. The camera model shown below is GYGD Borehole Inspection Camera.  It uses a fiber cable to extend the view deep down the well. This camera is a color CCTV camera that can withstand depths from 1 meter up to 1000 meters

 CCTV Camera For Well Inspection


Well Development

We at Obeid For Pumps Establishment can supply, install test pumping units that can go from 3 liters/sec at 10 meters up to 300 liters/sec at 1000 meters.

We also do the tests of pumping water and surging at different rates.


Well Testing

Well tests that we do at Obeid For Pumps Establishment are:

  • Incremental pumping test. We in this test gradually increase the initial depth of pumping water.
  • Water level recovery measurements.
  • Constant rate test

We can also test up to three wells at the same time and also at the same site

The following pictures shows some of what happens during this stage of testing.



Water Analysis

According to regulations and standards of many countries around the globe we have to carry out Bacteriological analysis and Physio-chemical analysis. For the Bacteriological analysis we have to take three samples of water. Also, for thePhysio-chemical  analysis we have to take another three samples of water. Those samples are tested in our local laboratories to to get a certificate that the pumped out water is healthy and drinkable. We try our best to get you that certificate.