Wastewater treatment plant management project

OFP Has the ability to construct, manage, operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants.

OFP managed the wastewater treatment system in Saida (max capacity 50,000 m3) for three years from September 2012 till November 2015 .

The system includes:

1- Saida central wastewater treatment plant having a capacity of 50,000 m3 per day.

2- Eight wastewater pumping stations in 8 different locations ( two in Saida, one in Ghazieh, Two in Lebaa, Two in Kfarjarra and one in Bkosta).

3- A sewer network of 175 km length.





Rehabilitation of Hibbarieh Wastewater Treatment plant


Project Name: Hibbarieh Wasteater Treatment Plant ( South Lebanon)

Contract No. : SP55/W/01
Location : Hibbarieh - Hasbayyah.
Works descriptions : Rehabilitation of existing Wastewater Treatment plant.
Project funded by : United Nation Development Programme.
Execution period : 31/10/2014 to 31/1/2016.
Implementing agency : UNDP.
Contractor : Obeid for Pumps Est.